Monthly Archives: February 2018


low_res photogrammetry tests

Here’s an African mask from my collection…  I’ve created a low-res test from 3D photogrammetry processing The 3D model from photogrammetry took about 40 individual images to produce. One of the sample images below:

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Photogrammetry – making 3D content from still images

I’ll write more about this in coming posts, but here’s a primer on what’s happening in the 3D photogrammetry space. I’m spending a lot of time perfecting my technique these days.  Volumetric photogrammetry — big […]

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Some early drone tests

Aerial Drone Camera Stuff!! -FAA part 107 certs are still pending. In the mean time, here’s some stuff I shot yesterday at the park with the new Phantom 4 Pro camera drone. -Still working to […]

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I make images!

Hi there. Here i will share news and related tidbits. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your next photography or imaging project! In the mean time, here’s a nice photo of several […]

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