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My primary goal on every project is to deliver high-impact photography and content designed to connect deeply with your audience(s) and to help drive growth for your company.

I seek to combine an extensive background in image-making, marketing and technology to ensure that my work is not only about technical and creative excellence, but also resonates with with my clients’ customers and company branding.

My areas of focus include commercial photography and for real estate / architecture, product / catalog, aerial, editorial, environmental, and portraiture for humans, pets and all other creatures.


About the Methodology

My approach employs a consultative methodology, which means I take as much time as is required to ensure a deep understanding of your goals and requirements for each project. This process leads to a written contract which clearly identifies the  expected deliverables, timelines, and fees. 


About my Toolset

I use only high-end professional tools along with cutting-edge techniques to help ensure the absolute highest possible image quality. This includes :

  • Full-frame, High-Resolution Canon DSLR cameras
  • Professional Quality Prime Lenses and Optics
  • Professional Lighting Equipment
  • High-end, Professional Software Tool
  • Advanced Digital Image Post-Processing Skillset
  • A keen eye and mind for interesting angles, lighting and effects


About my Techniques

I use both time-tested and cutting-edge techniques and processes to acquire and develop images and media deliverables for my customers. These techniques include:

  • High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) workflows
    To ensure properly exposed and balanced images, I typically shoot a range of exposures for each shot. These images are then carefully blended together in post-production to ensure highlights (such as the sky) are not “blown out”, and that there is sufficient detail and quality in the darker regions. I *DO NOT* rely solely on automated “one-click” HDR software, but instead, i manually create a “composite” image in Photoshop. This is a slower, more time-consuming workflow, but I believe the results (and my clients satisfaction) speak for themselves.


  • Ambient+Fill lighting
    I always look to see how natural, ambient light can be used to bring out the “truth” and natural essence of a space or subject. Often though, supplemental lighting techniques are required in order to bring balance to the photographic images captured. These can include off-camera wireless flash units and/or “hot lights” as well as light modifiers such as reflectors, bounce cards and diffusion screens. 


  • State of the Art Post-production Software
    I utilize my expert skill-set in digital image manipulation to bring out the absolute best visual appeal and impact in every image, video and digital asset I create. Tools include Adobe Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier, After Effects), Photomatix, AuroraHDR, AlienSkin, DxO, Photoscan, MeshLab, PTGUI, etc.


  • Video and Motion Media Production / Post-Production
    Video and Motion effects are often a powerful way to communicate with your audience(s) about your product and services. I and my production associates utilize industry-standard tools and techniques to plan, shoot and post-produce videos with exceptional production quality and visual appeal.


  • Aerial Photography and Cinematography
    Camera drone technology is increasingly important for our work. Using remote-piloted UAVs equipped with high-end digital cameras allows for capturing impactful images and motion video which can not be achieved in any other way.  As an FAA Part 107 licenced/certified commercial UAV Airman and practiced photographer & cinematographer, I and my aerial projects team consistently deliver compelling aerial shots -safely and legally.


  • 3D Photogrammetry
    High-fidelity 3D content derived from real-world spaces and objects is increasingly important for many animation, 3D printing, and VR/AR projects. I have a complete toolset and workflow for start-to-finish photometric 3D model development including point cloud derivation/cleanup, meshing/surfacing, and texture/map generation of real-world objects and environments.